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Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp


What Is HVAC Germicidal UV Lamp?                   


Technology is useful in many ways. One best example of an innovative technology is the HVAC germicidal UV lamp.

Everyone knows that UV light is proven effective to treat several human disease.

Meanwhile, let us take a look further on what can it do for the betterment of the daily lives of the people.    

HVAC germicidal UV lamps are break into two types for HVAC systems:

Air Sterilization – This is used to sterilize air.

The HVAC germicidal UV lamp unit was installed in the air duct and cycles with air handler blower.

To mention one, Sanuvox is the leading manufacturer of air sterilization systems. 

Coil Sterilization – This type of UV light was installed within the return air duct and automatically sterilizes the air handler coil.

The good thing about this technology is that, it runs on a 24/ 7 basis and can be availed in a very wallet friendly cost.

Who Needs HVAC Germicidal UV Lamps?    


Everybody wants to live in a safe, clean and organized home. It is therefore necessary for you to find a powerful tool to experience a great and comfortable way of living.

Definitely, the HVAC germicidal UV lamps are especially designed for those who want to establish a good quality indoor air.


Additionally, it is also best for both residential as well as commercial buildings.

Furthermore, the HVAC germicidal UV lamps are also perfect for those people who suffer from several allergies like asthma, bronchitis and other allergic reactions. The said technology was really effective to reduce the frequent suffering of these people from allergens.

Since the HVAC germicidal UV lamps helps to clean the air, people can now have the chance to breathe with a fresh and clean air. As a matter of fact, these UV lamps can help to promote health among individuals. It helps to reduce bacteria and molds in the air which can result in a healthy environment.

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